Frequently Asked Questions

Go to the LMS login page found at, just below the login user/password in blue is “Recover Password ”. Press here to retrieve your password. Follow the prompts.

Go to your internet browser and enter then enter the following

Username – demo

Password- Demo1234

Once you have set up your direct debit and LMS have received your first instalment for data usage, LMS will send you your username and password. Once you receive this, please go to

In the top right-hand corner of the landing page is “Activate your Device” using your unique username and password please fill in the details. Your object ID is the number written on your tracker. Press Activate and our support team will get your device up and running.

Note: This process can take up to 48 hours to complete.

Before starting the installation write down your object ID number on the instructions provided in the box the tracker comes in. You will need this when registering your device. Your tracker comes preconfigured, meaning it’s ready to work once installed correctly. Follow the instructions provided and should you require help, email

Immediately contact the police and let them know of the theft. Advise Police there is a vehicle tracking system fitted and you can provide the location of the vehicle. If you login via pc you can share the location of your vehicle in real-time to any phone number. Then advise LMS and we can work in conjunction with the police to retrieve your vehicle. (Please note we do not sell this as a service and will only do so if available and during business hours. No guarantee is made that LMS will provide assistance to recover your asset)

Please contact our support team on and they can locate our nearest authorised installer to remove and fit the tracker to your new vehicle.

Fleet tracking is the process of tracking vehicles, company assets and drivers utilising GPS tracking and software to capture specific data regarding vehicle locations and diagnostics. This information is relayed back to head office where this can be analysed.

This type of information has many commercial benefits to a business enabling operations/fleet managers to locate, track and monitor their assets in real time. GPS tracking simplifies many of those tasks which take time and man hours. Customised tracking reports can help manage – Time Start/Time Finish, Time on job, total Km’s travelled and provides full address of vehicle location, assists in controlling out of hours use of company vehicles and many more applications.

High quality GPS tracking provides an accurate location of your people and assets in an emergency. This is particularly pertinent in harsh and remote areas with little or no phone coverage. By providing tracking to your vehicles and assets shows you have made every effort to provide a safe workplace under OH&S legislation. Utilising data extracted from the GPS system also provides insights into driver behaviours including speeding and harsh braking enabling you to manage proactively to prevent accidents. GPS tracking systems can also be set up to provide alerts to head office advising of overspeed events in speed restricted and no-go areas.

LMS access market leading GPS technology to help you measure, monitor or locate assets and people more precisely. Accurate information can help provide essential data to drive improvement in your organisation. By drilling down into your business identifying and extracting accurate asset data to gain insights into new strategies for refining your operational performance. Understand more about how your people work, enabling you to improve and streamline your processes to get the most from your assets. Measure and monitor asset health/utilisation to discover greater efficiencies that can save time and money.