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Know where it is and what’s happening with it

Do you have a special vehicle you always worry about when you leave home? You could be running a fleet of  tradie or mining vehicles you need to keep an eye on. Whatever you want to protect, GPS tracking from Location Management Services can give you peace of mind.

With high-quality European made Teltonika GPS tracking devices and user-friendly software, you can monitor and track almost anything that moves. Whether it’s a car, truck, motorcycle, boat, caravan, or trailer, we can help you keep it safe. Start protecting your vehicles and assets today with GPS tracking from LMS.

Tailored solutions

Whether you need to manage power consumption at a remote outstation or control the temperature remotely in your server room, we’ve got you covered. Need to keep an eye on something that doesn’t move? The team at LMS can tailor a solution to help you monitor and control just about anything you want.

We love a challenge, so hit us up with your out of the box request!

Your local GPS tracking service

We are based right here in Perth, Western Australia, and can help you with the installation, set up, and servicing of your GPS tracker. We can even remove the tracker when you sell your car and install it in your new vehicle for you.

Want to fit the tracker yourself? No problem. Our team is happy to give you the guidance you need to get the job done right. We’ll even show you how to set up and use our GPS tracking software to get you going. LMS makes protecting your vehicles and assets a breeze.

Is keeping track of your vehicles a top priority?

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Pricing and packages

Unlike many other companies we don’t lock you into any 2-3 year contracts. You can pay up to 3-4 times the value of the hardware with these long term “Bundled Lock In” contracts. With LMS there is no smoke and mirrors, simply pay for the tracking hardware and installation. You now own your trackers and only pay for your ongoing SIM card charges. You choose your payment method and frequency of payment. Monthly, Quarterly or Yearly.


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The LMS advantage

Route planning and real-time tracking

Plan your optimal route, monitor your trip in real-time, and view historical information showing where you went on your journey, including time started in the morning and time finished in the afternoon.

Accurate reporting

Configurable reports provide up-to-the minute vehicle information, including distance driven, trip stops, and fuel consumption.

Effective vehicle protection

Monitor your vehicle’s movement with geo-fencing that allows you to receive alerts when your vehicle leaves a selected geo-zone.

Easy-to-use app

Our convenient, easy-to-use mobile app gives you complete freedom to monitor your vehicle on the go right from your mobile device.

Take control of your vehicle now!

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