GPS Fleet Management System.

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Effective fleet management for vehicles

Are you looking for a better way to manage your fleet? Fleet tracking with GPS can help you keep your valuable assets safe and secure. Our GPS fleet management systems give you real-time location information on all your vehicles and drivers, saving you time and money, while reducing risk.

With LMS, you’ll never have to worry about where your vehicles are or what your drivers are doing.

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Increase efficiency and save money

Reduce vehicle overheads with complete visibility over your assets in real-time from your mobile or desktop device. You can configure our fleet management software to produce reports showing exactly what you want to see and none of what you don’t. Location Management Services saves you money, time, and helps you reduce risk with real time location of vehicle Custom reports / alerts to assist with :

Fleet tracking GPS system

With a fleet of vehicles under your control, it can be hard to keep a close eye on them all the time. If you’re looking for a way to keep track of your fleet, GPS vehicle tracking from LMS is the perfect solution. 

With European made hardware and user-friendly fleet management software, you get live data about your vehicles and your drivers, including:

Vehicle movements

Track where your vehicles are and where they have been with information about current location and the route taken to get there.

Vehicle health

Monitor battery strength and fuel consumption of your vehicles and check that all installed devices are working correctly.

Vehicle maintenance

Track and plan your vehicle maintenance intervals to minimise downtime, increase productivity, and optimise fleet efficiency.

Estimated time of arrival

See your fleet live in real-time with the user-friendly LMS software and provide your customers with an ETA on your services.

Route planning

Calculate the optimal route to decrease time drivers spend on the road, minimise fuel costs, and reduce vehicle wear and tear.

Driver behaviour

Monitor productivity by knowing when your drivers start and finish their journey and how long they spend on each job.

Is keeping track of your vehicles a top priority?

Protect your assets, your team, and your business

With LMS tracking devices, you can manage your fleet in real-time from wherever you are. Monitor your vehicles more effectively and improve safety for your drivers by always knowing their exact location.
GPS tracking into company vehicles or assets provides proof the employer has taken meaningful steps to ensure a safer work place for their employees under the OHS regulation, should an incident occur.

Protecting your assets

Protecting your team

Protecting your business

Garmin® PND integration

To give you complete control and total flexibility, you can integrate your Garmin® PND navigation system with your LMS tracking devices to enable additional functionality, including:

Direct-to-vehicle messaging

Communicate directly with your drivers over the internet to increase efficiency and save money on SMS messaging services.

Destination planning

Select a desired point on the map, let Garmin® calculate the optimal route, then send the information directly to your driver.

ETA support

Keep your customers informed about deliveries with accurate information about how far your driver is from their destination.

Pricing and packages

Unlike many other companies we don’t lock you into any 2-3 year contracts. You can pay up to 3-4 times the value of the hardware with these long term “Bundled Lock In” contracts. With LMS there is no smoke and mirrors, simply pay for the tracking hardware and installation. You now own your trackers and only pay for your ongoing SIM card charges. You choose your payment method and frequency of payment. Monthly, Quarterly or Yearly.
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Tailored solutions

Need to monitor something a little unusual? The team at LMS can tailor a solution to meet your needs. We offer custom solutions for all types of businesses to monitor just about anything in real-time.

Whether you need a control system for your remote outstation or a temperature monitoring system for your refrigerated trucks, we’ve got you covered.

Take control of your fleet today!

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The LMS Advantage

Route Planning and Real-Time Tracking

Plan the optimal route for your drivers and keep an eye on them with current (real-time) and historical information about their journey.

Accurate Reporting

Fully configurable reports provide up-to-the minute information important to you, including driven distance, trip stops, fuel consumption, and job time.

Effective Fleet Protection

Keep up to date on your fleet movement with geo-fencing that allows you to monitor and receive alerts when vehicles enter or leave selected geo-zones.

Easy-to-Use App

Our convenient, easy-to-use mobile app gives you complete freedom to monitor your vehicles on the go without ever having to leave your office.

Is keeping track of your vehicles a top priority?

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