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Keep a closer eye on your favourite toys with GPS tracking.

Effective vehicle protection using GPS

It’s no good wishing you had done something to protect your favourite toy after it’s already been stolen. You need to protect it now! GPS tracking from Location Management Services can help you protect your car, motorbike, boat, caravan, trailer, or just about anything you want to keep an eye on. If it moves, we can track it with our European made Teltonika hardware and user-friendly GPS tracking software.

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Protect your pride and joy

Do you have a classic or enthusiast vehicle you could never bring yourself to part with? Imagine your grief if you opened your garage one day to find an empty space where it used to be. With GPS tracking from LMS, and our affordable prices, you’ll be able to get your pride and joy back quickly and effectively.

Protect your caravan or toy hauler

People don’t often think of caravan or toy hauler theft. But they are one of the most stolen items in Australia, with thousands reported missing across the country each year.

Many of those stolen are never seen by their owners again. Keep your family from becoming a statistic with GPS tracking from LMS.

Protect your dirt bike

Dirt bikes are attractive to thieves, being easy to take and hard to trace. Motorcycle thefts now amount to 1 in 6 of all stolen vehicles in Australia, with close to 9000 being stolen each year. Thankfully, GPS tracking from LMS will let you know where your dirt bike is at all times.

Our tracking units are small and concealable, so you can tuck them out of sight and away from harm. No one will ever know it’s there!

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Protect your boat and jet-ski

Imagine your weekends without your boat or jet-ski. You’d miss your fishing trips and days on the water enjoying the WA sunshine.

 With IP67 waterproof rated trackers, LMS can help you keep an eye on your boat or jet-ski no matter where it is or how wet it gets.

With LMS, you also have the option to upgrade to Iridium satellite tracker so your tracking device will continue to work no matter where you are.

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Protect your trailer and tools

As a busy tradie, your trailer is one thing you’d definitely miss if it was stolen. Besides the inconvenience, think of all the tools and equipment you’ve built up over the years. You’d never be able to replace it all.

Our GPS systems and GPS tracking software will help you get your trailer back if it ever goes missing.

Help police with recovery

It can be devastating when your favourite toy is stolen. If your car, motorbike, or boat ever goes astray, your GPS tracker from LMS will let you find it quickly and easily.

You can aid police in the recovery and get your precious toy back before the thieves can do any real damage.

Reduce insurance headaches

Some insurance companies are increasingly requiring mandatory GPS tracking to be fitted before insuring your assets. Fitting a GPS tracker to your favourite toys could help lower your insurance premiums or assist in swiftly resolving insurance claims*. Let us ease your insurance headaches with affordable and effective GPS vehicle protection solutions.

*Contact your insurer to enquire about their policies and premiums

Do you know where your pride and joy is right now?

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Pricing and packages

Unlike many other companies we don’t lock you into any 2-3 year contracts. You can pay up to 3-4 times the value of the hardware with these long term “Bundled Lock In” contracts. With LMS there is no smoke and mirrors, simply pay for the tracking hardware and installation. You now own your trackers and only pay for your ongoing SIM card charges. You choose your payment method and frequency of payment. Monthly, Quarterly or Yearly.


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The LMS advantage

Route planning and real-time tracking

Plan your optimal route, monitor your trip in real-time, and view historical information showing where you went on your journey.

Accurate reporting

Configurable reports provide up-to-the minute vehicle information, including distance driven, trip stops, and fuel consumption.

Effective vehicle protection

Monitor your vehicle’s movement with geo-fencing that allows you to receive alerts when your vehicle leaves a selected geo-zone.

Easy-to-use app

Our convenient, easy-to-use mobile app gives you complete freedom to monitor your vehicle on the go right from your mobile device.

Protect your favourite toy before it's too late

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