Advanced Modular GPS Tracking Solutions for Mining & Exploration.

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Maximising Efficiency and Safety in the Mining Sector with Tailored Technology

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Choose LMS for Your Mining and Exploration Needs:

  • Modular and Customisable Solutions: Tailor our GPS tracking solutions to meet the specific needs of your mining or exploration activities, ensuring comprehensive coverage and control.
  • Enhanced Worker Safety and Asset Security: Prioritise safety with immediate alerts and crash detection, essential in remote and challenging mining environments.
  • Operational Efficiency and Compliance: Benefit from a system that not only improves operational efficiency but also ensures compliance with key industry standards and regulations.
  • Expert Support and Integration: Our team of experts is dedicated to helping you integrate these advanced systems seamlessly into your mining operations.

Local Expertise and Support: WA Owned and Operated

As a Western Australian owned and operated company, LMS prides itself on providing local support and expertise. Our deep understanding of the region’s unique mining and exploration challenges ensures that we offer solutions that are not only effective but also resonate with the local industry’s needs.

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Customisable Tracking and Monitoring for the Mining Industry

In response to the unique challenges of the mining and exploration industry, LMS presents the FMC 640 4G IVMS, a modular In Vehicle Monitoring System that offers full reporting capabilities.

This includes speed monitoring, harsh driving detection, engine run times, geofencing speed zones, and accurate CANBUS data for odometer readings.

Additionally, it provides servicing alerts, fuel level monitoring, and much more, ensuring comprehensive oversight of mining operations.

Satellite Tracking for Remote Exploration

Enhance your system with the GPST-EDGE Iridium Edge Modem for complete satellite tracking coverage. This is ideal for remote exploration or extensive off-grid travels, offering immediate alerts in events like vehicle rollovers and instant crash detection. This feature provides ultimate protection for worker safety in remote areas, a critical aspect of mining operations.

Our solutions, specifically designed for the mining and exploration sector, address key industry concerns such as environmental sustainability, operational costs, and workforce challenges​​​​:

  • Advanced 4G Driver Fatigue Camera System: The LMS-DMS adds a full Mine Spec Driver Fatigue/Driver Distraction System to the modular setup. It alerts for drowsiness, yawning, seat belt non-compliance, driver distraction including smoking, phone use, and inattention, and can store up to 200 driver IDs with 128GB of memory storage.
  • Unified Reporting and Alerting System: Unlike other systems that require multiple software platforms, our integrated approach ensures that all alerts and reports from the IVMS, satellite tracking, and driver fatigue camera system are managed through a single, user-friendly software system, simplifying management and response.
  • Compliance with Industry Standards: This comprehensive system meets the RTIO “Driver Awareness and Alert Systems for Contract Partners” (RTIO V2) standards for Group 1 Contract Partners, ensuring adherence to critical industry regulations and practices.
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Global tracking backed by Telstra

We have partnered with Teltonika to provide their full range of tracking devices to suit your needs.

These systems give you the ability to track your vehicles at any location covered by 4G, 5G, LTE, and satellite technology – it automatically and seamlessly re-routes between networks while you are on the move. 

With these systems, you will have complete control over your assets and total peace of mind.

Network Priority

Our GPS trackers operate on every network throughout Australia, and the sim cards we use work anywhere in the world.

Pricing and packages

Unlike many other companies we don’t lock you into any 2-3 year contracts. You can pay up to 3-4 times the value of the hardware with these long term “Bundled Lock In” contracts. With LMS there is no smoke and mirrors, simply pay for the tracking hardware and installation. You now own your trackers and only pay for your ongoing SIM card charges. You choose your payment method and frequency of payment. Monthly, Quarterly or Yearly.

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Tailored solutions

Looking for something different to meet a specific need? With our fully customisable hardware and configurable software, we can find a unique solution to suit almost any purpose.

Whether you need an automated garage door opening system, or a temperature monitoring and control system for a cold room, we’ve got you covered.


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The LMS Advantage

Route Planning and Real-Time Tracking

Plan the optimal route for your drivers and keep an eye on them with current (real-time) and historical information about their journey.

Accurate Reporting

Fully configurable reports provide up-to-the minute information important to you, including driven distance, trip stops, fuel consumption, and job time.

Effective Fleet Protection

Keep up to date on your fleet movement with geo-fencing that allows you to monitor and receive alerts when vehicles enter or leave selected geo-zones.

Easy-to-Use App

Our convenient, easy-to-use mobile app gives you complete freedom to monitor your vehicles on the go without ever having to leave your office.

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